The Troublesome Tudors

An INTERACTIVE Workshop for  KS1 & KS2

Theatre Workshop has been touring schools for 25 years.

Our professional facilitator will arrive at your school with this fabulous pop-up theatre experience, to create the atmosphere of the Tudor Times.  With Full costume & scenery.

How did Catherine Parr out live Henry VIII, what happened to his other five wives?. Why was Queen Elizabeth I so popular & what is a potato?

All will be answered in the workshop.

Your pupils will be acting out being Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn losing her head, and if that is not enough a special visit from QUEEN ELIZABETH I.

The workshop is presented in your school hall and will have the audience smiling and enthralled. A Highly interactive workshop.The workshop is packed full of information and fun.

  • Teachers’ notes supplied.
  • Each session is tailored to fit your school day.
  • Sessions last a morning or an afternoon.
  • Can accommodate three sessions in a day.
  • Cost £245 + vat per session  [email protected]
Tel: 01270 627 990