Give your Stone Age project the Wow factor.  Inspire your class & get them hooked.

Meet an Archaeologist who will unravels the secrets of the  Stone Age, What would you say to a Cave dweller and how would you survive meeting a mammoth?

Living History Workshops for KS2


The workshop leader will visit your school and set up a pop-up theatre in your hall.

During the workshop the pupils meet a variety of colourful characters including the world famous archaeologist Trimbold & A Cave dweller.

The pupils will join in an archaeological dig, and explore the stone age, examining cave paintings and strange objects. They then meet Uggh the cave dweller: but what is he saying, who is able to communicate with him and unravel the past?

The children act out building Stonehenge, making fire, hunting wild beasts and being archaeologists.

A none stop workshop.

  • Stone age – Iron age
  • Vocabulary such as henges and hill-forts
  • Farming & Culture
  • Cave paintings
  • Timeline
  • Encourages Creative Writing
  • Free Teacher’s Resource Notes
  • Designed for inspiring a class at a time
  • Duration a morning or afternoon session
  • Cost: £245 +vat

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