The Sensational Saxons And The Vikings


The Sensational Saxon & Viking Workshop, is packed full of fun and facts and gives your topic a real wow factor.

The experienced actor will arrive at your school with a pop-up theatre. From the moment she starts telling the gripping story of  Beowulf to meeting a Viking Woman you pupils will be enthralled.

The pupils get a chance to meet and talk to a Saxon Lady, who tells them stories of the invasion of Britain and what life was really like.    The workshop is rounded off with a chance to row a Longboat.


  • This fully interactive workshop helps pupils to get an understanding of living in the past.
  • The pupils will meet a Saxon storyteller who tells the tale of Beowulf and a Viking villager who recounts the voyages to these shores.
  • Saxon life
  • Saxon storytelling
  • Life as a Viking
  • Viking crafts
  • Encourages Creative Writing
  • Free Teacher’s Resource Notes
  • Duration, a morning or an afternoon
  • Designed for inspiring a class at a time
  • Cost: £245 + vat per workshop

Tel: 01270 627 990  Email: [email protected]