The Super Stone Age Workshop Sample Of Resource Notes

Design your own Celtic badge


  • Measure across your chest and from your shoulder the middle of your thigh.
  • Cut the two pieces of fabric to match your measurements. This is the body of the tunic.
  • Sew the sides together, leaving holes for the sleeves.
  • Sew the shoulders together. Leave a hole for the neck.
  • Create the sleeves with a piece of fabric folded around the arm. Sew the sleeves and attach them to the tunic with the seam at the bottom.
  • Hem all of the edges of the costume.

Fact File Hunter –Gatherer

Britain was almost as warm as it is today. The ice had retreated everywhere, except for the tops of the mountains. The melting water drained down to the sea and formed rivers, lakes and pools. The sea level rose, so that by 6500BC the land bridge between southern England and Europe was under water. Britain and Ireland
were now islands.

The life of a hunter-gatherer depended every day on what he could find. In the depths of winter there was often little to eat. By 4500BC thing were getting even harder. As the population of Britain grew, game was being killed in great numbers.

This brought problems for the groups of wandering hunters. They could no longer get back to European mainland and were forced to settle in Britain. Only a few could build boats strong enough to cross the sea to Ireland. The rising water also covered many of their best hunting grounds. But the thaw made life easier too. The rising temperature and the moisture encouraged plants to grow. Trees began to cover the landscape. Increasing shelter and food attracted many animals, including beaver, red deer and wild boar. The woodlands also made a fine home for the growing numbers of British settlers, who by about 6000BC had spread to most parts of the British Isles. Trees provided unlimited timber for building huts and fuelling fires. There was game to hunt, as well as seeds, fruits and nuts. The hunting and gathering of food took up most of people’s time.

Creative Writing :

Imagine you are a warrior and have defeated a great enemy, write about it in the

Stoneagers Times.