Anti-Bullying Workshop KS1 & KS2

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KS1 – The Best of Friends.

Our experienced facilitator should emphasise during the session how to be good friends to one another.  We use puppets to introduce the theme of friendship and then follow up with role-play exercises.  This workshop does not use the word “bullying” because this can be an unhelpful term for this age group.  The focus is all about friendship.

Clare Fairweather is not quite seven. She is looking forward to meeting up with all her friends again at school and showing off her brand new school uniform. On the first day of term she arrives at school to discover that a new girl called Susie Clough is starting. Susie’s uniform is secondhand and Clare makes up a rhyme about Susie and her jumper.

She looks really rough,
So she isn’t good enough
And there’s lots of yukky stuff
On your jumper. Susie Clough

KS2 – Changing Places

Our experienced facilitator will visit your school and during the 90 minute session will utilise a fusion of styles including role-play, games, improvisation, storytelling and discussion. This innovative and accessible workshop aims to build confidence and assertiveness skills. This fun, energised session for your class will unite the pupils in solving this issue.
Archie is in year 6 & he is a bit of a bully. Always taking stuff from the young kids and often heard saying “I’ll get you after school”. But when he goes home his life is very different.

  • Each workshop has been devised for a class at a time.
  • Free downloadable Resource Pack is provided
  • Cost: £245 + vat
  • A Morning or an afternoon session is available

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