Macbeth For KS1 & KS2

Shakespeare in your pocket


The workshop from start to finish is an exciting and inspiring way to introduce Shakespeare to your pupils.  The professional actor will set up a pop-up theatre in your school hall to set the scene.

 The Actor tells the story of Macbeth and involves students in key moments, examining the plot and recreating some of the relevant characters.

Watch your Students take part in the telling of the story of Macbeth.

Some play Witches, whilst others are the moving woods of Burnham

Get a grip of Shakespeare.

Inspiring a class at a time.  We can tailor the workshop to fit your requirements.

No need to book a coach, we come to you.

Cost: £195 + vat per workshop

Can accommodate three workshops in a day.

The session will fit into your school timetable.

  • Plot Laying
  • Superstitions of the play
  • Acting Characters
  • Inspiring Workshop
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